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Fred Bamboo Dinner Set

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Eco-friendly dinner set featuring Fred. The set includes a plate, a bowl and a cup. 

The items are made of degradable bamboo fibers but unlike many eco-friendly tableware, our has a glossy finish that gives it a great look and feel.

The items included are illustrated with pictures of Fred in a colorful mushroom field with the bunny twins Ping and Pong, about to enjoy his favorite food: Ink cap mushrooms. 

This set is ideal for color-loving children of all ages that like kind but smelly monsters. 

The set comes in a beautifully illustrated gift box, which is made of recyclable material.


Size of box: Width 22,5 cm, height 22,5 cm, depth 10,7 cm. 


The set can go in the dishwasher on 60° or less to keep the colours from fading. Do not microwave.